The Power of Photography

Power of Photography

The Power of Photography




One of the things Jane and I are fortunate to do is travel a bit, as a photographer, this is great as I love photographing the different people and places and sharing life stories through images. We visit Bali as often as we can we love the Balinese people and their culture. With the power of images we sometimes forget what we capture, but later understand the significance of it, these two images are just that.

Galungan is an important part of the Balinese calendar as much as Christmas is to us. We were fortunate enough to be there for this festival and as a photographer, it was a great spectacle, there was a buzz about with people wearing traditional dress, with plenty of offerings for the gods.

Jane and I went for a walk to the sea temple on Sanur beach and on the way there we noticed a son/grandson with an elderly woman, you could see that in her youth she would have been a very attractive lady. I asked if it was ok to take their photo and they obliged openly

Here is the image.


Power of Photography
Image Peter George


We spent some time at the beach taking more photos and then I noticed the two of them walking back to the car.


Here is the second image.


Power Of Photography
Image Peter George


On our next visit, I was going to get the images printed at the local photo lab as they are set up to what the local people are used to seeing in colour prints, I asked our friend Wayan at the property we stay at the Puri Mango if he could arrange that I give the lady the images I had taken of her and her son as I found out later. Wayan’s answer was met with sadness as she passed away a couple of months after I had taken the photo, she was around 100 years of age so he life must have had many a story to tell.

So the two images I had taken were the first and last time I would see her, this struck me as to the power we have as photographers no matter what level of equipment we freeze time and capture it forever, as long as the images are printed, which we did for the family and they were forever grateful.

One of the most import things with photography today is to print your images. As I always say” we are the most photographed society known to man, but we will be the least remembered.” Technology is always changing so your images aren’t always safe, whether in the cloud or on your phone or computer, things do happen, I know from when we were running the photography studio.

Photobooks are the best way to display your photographs, you can tell a story with words and images to the level of a true coffee table book. We will be doing a feature on these for you in future posts.

So we ask you two things have you printed your images lately and if so how did you get them printed.

Yes, we have printed these two images on canvas as the story is strong and meant a fair bit to me, the story behind them is the key.

I will be sharing more stories of images from Bali, the stories behind them how I took the image, to help you with your photos.

Our favourite place to stay in Bali and mention me when talking with Jack. OYO The Frog Sanur



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